President's Message

Dear Friends, Students federation of India (SFI) is the largest student movement in the state having a membership of around twelve lakhs. SFI which formed in the year 1970, in its march forward under the banner of independence Democracy, socialism for the past forty years was able to withstand stiff resistance offered by enemies of the people. In the battle for a better future several of my comrades were killed tortured and academically victimized. The organization has outlived all this and become a leading force in uniting the students basis of martyrdom and glorious sacrifies of the rank and file of the organization. I welcome all students to join SFI the true inheritors of the glorious traditions of the pre-independence student movement to march forward for the well wish of student community in the state and to join hands with struggle of the exploited sections of our society for a social transformation.


Ramu Y




Message to Comrades