Secretary Message

  Dear Friends, Students Federation of India (SFI) as a student’s organisation has its own importance in society especially in academia.The organisation plays an important role in making a student socially, politically desirable human being and beyond all a democratic citizen. For the last fourty years, SFI has been lead fights and struggles for students, against varied kinds of issues as a community the students have been facing all over India. These fights and struggles could say the story how SFI grew as the one and only student’s organisation like its present day status. We the SFI are in struggle against any kind of inequalities, exploitations, inaccessibility and corporate business tendencies in education. We want to get access and open the all possibilities of education in its all levels for the poor and back ward sections of the population and all irrespective of the class, caste, creed, religion etc. Our ever arising slogan is “independence, democracy and socialism zindhabad…”. We SFI wish for and we struggle for to get practice independence, democracy and socialism in its all sense in the entire social, academic and political life of the student. Now in our campus we have to face fundamental religious organisations proposing their dividing agendas and try to destroy or eradicate the secular and democratic atmosphere. To resist the corporate, privatisation tendencies and religious fundamentalist attack we the progressive student’s activists have to take it as our moral and political obligation and responsibility. Well being and security of society is our aim. So hand in hand and be a part of the revolutionary and progressive students movement.


S.Noor Mahammad




Message to Comrades